Music Lover – Amante de la Música

Music Lover

As I heal from my surgery, I have had a lot of time on my hands. I’ve enjoyed (in excess) reading, writing, spending time with family (and soon with friends), resting, working on my project, and listening to music.

A few months ago, I mentioned it here that I really love music. I don’t come from a family of musicians, but a gift that I received from my ex husband is a love for music. Through him, I was introduced to many cool bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles (I had heard of them, but I wasn’t a big of a fan as I am now), and many different genres, as well.

In reality, I love everything from Classical Music through Hip Hop and Rap.  I tell people that it would be a sin for me to not listen to Rap and Hip Hop given that I am from LA. 🙂

I thought I share a song that I’m completely in love with at this time. It’s Marc Anthony’s Vivir Mi Vida (Live My Life)

If you’d like the translation of the lyrics, click here.  At the beginning of this video, he speaks in Spanish and this is what he says,

They ask me, what is your legacy? The search can be complicated, but in reality it should always be. I am a father. I am a son. I am a brother. And I am a friend. I am music and your smile. I am the streets of New York and Puerto Rico. I try to touch the lives of my people as they have touched mine. I live to live my mark. I simply live.

I love the message- Live in the present moment!

Enjoy the video and thank you for reading!

Amante de la Música

Mientras  me recupero de mi operación, he tenido muchísimo tiempo. He disfrutado (en exceso) de la lectura, eescritura, pasar tiempo com mi familia (y pronto con amigos), relajándome, trabajando en mi proyecto y escuchando música.

Hace unos meses, mencioné aquí que me encanta la música. No vengo de familia de músicos, pero mi amor por la música fue un regalo de mi ex esposo. Él me introdujo a muchísimas bandas como  Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd y The Beatles (Ya sabía quien eran, pero no era fan como lo soy ahora) y muchos diferente géneros también.

En realidad, me encanta todo desde la música clásica hasta hip hop y rap.  Les digo a todos que sería un pecado si no escuchara hip hop y rap ya que soy de Los Ángeles. 🙂

Y ahora, quiero compartir con ustedes una canción que me encanta.  Es  Vivir Mi Vida de Marc Anthony .

Me encanta el mensaje- ¡Vivir en el momento!

¡Que lo disfruten y gracias por leer!