Happy Mother’s Day – Feliz día de las madres

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is tomorrow. It’ll be the first time in years that I will not be with my mom on this day. This, of course, made me a little sad. 

The other day, I was watching Oprah’s, Super Soul Sunday. Her guest was Dr. Christiane Northrup. I will never forget what she said, “You can own your pain, but do not dwell in it.”  It’s simply not who we are to dwell in pain. Let’s remember that we are not human beings living a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings living a human experience.  We are joy. We are peace. We are love. 

I’ve always felt especially close to my mother. It was like an inexplicable bond that long remained after I was born. It was like an invisible link—a connection at our hearts marked my early childhood. As a child, I’d do everything and go everywhere with my mami. I wasn’t just attached at the hip, but I was a toddler tantrum and meltdown away if my mom wasn’t around. People called it being spoiled. Others called it separation anxiety. I called it loving my mommy. Words cannot express how much I love her. But, I know she knows. 

There is not a day that passes that I don’t think about her. I am eternally grateful for everything she has done for my brother and my sister, my father, and myself. It is an honor to be her daughter. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. And, Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful mothers!

This is my mom and I in beautiful Hawaii in 2009. Mi mamá y yo en Hawaii en 2009. This is my mom and I in beautiful Hawaii in 2009. Mi mamá y yo en Hawaii en 2009.


Feliz día de las madres

Mañana es el día de las madres. Será la primera vez que no estaré con mi madre para este día. Por supuesto, esto me entristece. 

Estaba mirando el programa de Oprah: Super Soul Sunday. Como invitada tuvo a la Dra. Christiane Northrup. Nunca se me olvidará lo que dijo, ” Acepta tu tristeza, pero no te detengas en ello.” Y esto es lo que voy a hacer.  No fuimos creados con tristeza en nuestros corazones. No somos seres humanos viviendo una experiencia espiritual. Somos seres espirituales viviendo una experiencia humana. Somos alegría. Somos paz. Somos amor.

Siempre he sido muy apegada a mi madre. Es un enlace inexplicable que permaneció después de que nací. Era como una conexión invisible de nuestros corazones que marcó mi infancia. De niña, hacía todo con mi mami y la acompañaba a todas partes. Estaba tan apegada a ella que si no la veia era muy probable que tuviera un berrinche.  Habiá gente que pensaba que era una niña mimada, o malcriada. Otros pensaban que era ansiedad de separación. Era mi manera de quererla. No hay palabras que puedan expresar cuanto la quiero. Sé que lo sabe. 

No hay día que pase que no pienso en ella. Estoy agradecida eternamente por todo todo lo que ha hecho por mi hermana, mi hermano, mi padre y para mí. Es un honor ser su hija. Feliz Día de las madres, mamá. Y feliz día de las madres a todas las mamás hermosas. 








John Boehner, Pope Francis, and The St. Francis Prayer – John Boehner, el Papa Francisco y y La Oración de San Francisco

John Boehner, Pope Francis, and The St. Francis Prayer 

credit: ttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/09/24/emotional-john-boehner-wipes-away-tears-pope-francis-visit/
credit: ttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/09/24/emotional-john-boehner-wipes-away-tears-pope-francis-visit/

Yesterday, I saw Pope Francis’ address Congress and U.S. House Speaker, John Boehner, was crying. I felt compassion and an immediate connection to him, and I didn’t know why. Perhaps, Mr. Boehner cried because he felt unconditional love around Pope Francis.

Perhaps, he was thinking about his tough last few years in Congress and his imminent retirement. Maybe, he was overcome with peace and compassion. Or, he was grateful for the Pontiff’s visit to the United States. After all, he had invited him. I’d like to think that it was all this and more.

It’s comes to no surprise that before Boehner announced his resignation, he led the Republicans in the Prayer of St. Francis. It’s my favorite prayer- a touching reminder to be of service to others. Again, I felt compassion for him.  It’s obvious that Boehner was moved by Pope Francis’ speech. The pope’s message is very clear. It’s the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. His message is of peace and love.

I’ll leave you with the St. Francis Prayer. Have a beautiful weekend!

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace; Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is error, truth;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
John Boehner, el Papa Francisco y y La Oración de San Francisco 
credit: ttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/09/24/emotional-john-boehner-wipes-away-tears-pope-francis-visit/
credit: ttp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/09/24/emotional-john-boehner-wipes-away-tears-pope-francis-visit/
Ayer, el  presidente de la Cámara de Representantes y congresista EU, John Boehner, lloró cuando el papa Francisco se dirigía al Congreso. EN ese momento, sentí compasión y una conexión inmediata con él.  Pero, no sabía por qué.
Quizás lloró porque sintió amor incondicional.  Quizás, estaba pensando de los últimos años en el Congreso y lo difícil que han sido y de su inminente jubilación. Puede ser que sintió paz y compasión. O estaba agradecido porque el Papa Francisco había venido a los Estados Unidos. Y es que, después de todo, él lo invitó. Me gustaría pensar que fue todo esto y mucho más.

No me sorprende que antes de que Boehner anunciara su renuncia, lo hizo con el rezo de la oración por la paz de San Francisco de Asís. Es mi oración preferida- un recordatorio de ser servicial. Sentí compasión por él otra vez. Es obvio que el discurso del Papa Francisco conmovió a Boehner. El mensaje del Papa es claro.  Es la regla de oro: haz con los demás como quieras que te hagan a ti. Su mensaje es de paz y amor.

  Los dejo con la oración de San Francisco de Asís. ¡Que tengan un lindo fin de semana!

Señor, hazme Instrumento de Tu paz.

Donde haya odio, siembre yo amor.

Donde haya injuria, perdón;

Donde haya duda, Fe;

Donde haya desaliento, esperanza;

Donde haya oscuridad, luz;

 Y donde haya tristeza, alegría.

 Oh Divino Maestro,

 Haz que no busque ser consolado sino consolar;

 Que no busque ser comprendido sino comprender;

 Que no busque ser amado sino amar;

 Porque dando es como recibimos;

 Perdonando es como Tú nos perdonas;

 Y muriendo en Ti es como nacemos en Vida Eterna.



Money: A Love Story Book Review – Reseña del Libro – Money: A Love Story

Money: A Love Story Book Review

Money: A Love Story Money: A Love Story

What you resist will persist. And resist I did. To be completely honest, money is something that I still haven’t quite figured out, and it took me a while to pick up the book and to read it. Like everything in life, there’s a reason why I chose to review new, amazing financial book by Kate Northrup: Money: A Love Story.  I’ve read some books on money and finance before, but none quite like Money: A Love Story. Aside from sharing with us her own personal finance journey, Kate also makes this book a guide with exercises that makes you explore your own emotions and feelings about money – from dissolving your childhood money beliefs, to getting over your fear of money, to ways to become financially free by creating passive, residual, and recurrent income. And what does money have to do with love? According to Kate, it has everything to do with it. Money can be seen as an extension of our self-value and love for ourselves. For example, giving value and receiving value is self-love. Two examples of this concept can be seen when we say yes to everyone. In her book she states, “When you’re tired and have put no focus on yourself, the value you give isn’t that valuable. Likewise, by “spending beyond our means, we’re buying things that aren’t in true alignment with our values.” Like emotional healing, money also requires healing. And healing is a return to love. Aside from sharing her incredibly, inspiring story, she also shares practical exercises to do the “emotional” work with your own money issues. These exercises make you dig deep into the root of your own financial woes. In order to get the most out of this book, the exercises need to be done. Doing these exercises will bring to light your own financial issues and slowly diminish your money woes. After all, it is an inside job. Finally, and for the first time in my life, I understood her philosophy on living with financial freedom in order to “be fully present to your purpose on the planet.” All of us have the right and deserve abundance in all its forms and this includes financial prosperity. Having this financial freedom allows us to be creative and to serve our purpose in this life. After reading this book, I’m looking at my relationship with money in a new light. For the first time in my life, I have a sense of peace with my finances, and I’ve begun my own love story with money. If you haven’t yet figured it all out with money, then this is a book for you. You can buy Money: A Love Story at Hay House and Amazon.

Reseña del Libro – Money: A Love Story

Money: A Love Story Money: A Love Story

Lo que resistes persisterá. Y como he resistido. Para ser completamente honesta, el dinero es algo que todavía no entiendo completamente. Tomé bastante tiempo para leer este libro. Como todo en la vida, hay una razón por cual escogí este nuevo y asombroso libro de Kate Northrup: Money: A Love Story (Dinero: Una Historia de Amor). He leído algunos libros de dinero y finanzas, pero ninguno como Money: A Love Story. Aparte de compartir un poco de sus finanzas personales, Kate también hace este libro como un guía de ejercicios que te hace explorar tus propias emociones y sentimientos con el dinero – de como deshacer tus creencias infantiles del dinero, hasta superación del miedo de dinero y maneras de ser financieramente libre mediante la creación de ingresos pasivos, residuales y recurrentes. ¿Qué tiene que ver el dinero con el amor? Según Kate, tiene que ver todo con el amor. El dinero puede ser una extensión de nuestro autovaloración y el amor por nosotros mismos. Por ejemplo, el dar valor y recibirlo es un acto de amor a uno mismo. Dos ejemplos de esto sería en la manera que le decimos sí a todos. En el libro ella dice, “Cuando estás cansado y no te enfocas en ti mismo, el valor que das no es valioso.” Igualmente, “al gastar más de lo que ganan, estamos comprando cosas que no están en verdadera alineación con nuestros valores.” Como el sanamiento emocional, el dinero también requiere sanamiento. Y el sanar es un regreso al amor.  Aparte de compartir su  increíble e inspirante historia, también comparte ejercicios para hacer el trabajo “emocional” para trabajar con tus propios problemas de dinero. Estos ejercicios hacen que llegues a la raíz de tus propios problemas financieros. Con el fin de obtener el máximo provecho de este libro, los ejercicios se deben hacer. Al hacerlos, uno puede ver los problemas financieros y poco a poco los podrán resolver. Después de todo, es un trabajo interno. Finalmente, y por primera vez, entiendo su filosofía de vivir con libertad financiera para “estar totalmente presente a mi propósito en este planeta.” Todos tenemos el derecho y nos merecemos abundancia en todas sus formas y esto incluye la prosperidad financiera. El tener esta libertad financiera nos permite ser creativos para servir nuestro propósito en esta vida. Después de haber leído este libro, veo mi propia vida financiera desde un punto de vista diferente. Por primera vez, tengo tranquilidad en mis finanzas personales y ya empecé mi propia historia de amor con mi dinero. Si aún no entienden complementamente el dinero, entonces este libro es para ti. Pueden comprar Money: A Love Story en Hay House y Amazon. Recibí este libro gratis de la casa editorial Hay House para esta reseña. La opinión en este reseña es imparcial y refleja mi opinión honesta del producto.

The Falsehood of Competition – Lo Falso de la Competencia

The Falsehood of Competition

After reading Life’s Operating Manual, I started to think more and more about competition and cooperation. In his book, Tom Shayac writes, “Contrary to what we believe, cooperation not competition is the ruling order of nature.” He clarifies this by saying that nature, such as a “redwood tree”, doesn’t take more water than it needs. And if something in nature takes more, then it is killed off. Take, for example, the kudzu vine that “overtakes everything in its path.” However, with time it leads “to its own demise.” How? “By elimintating biodiversity, an essential condition for life.” There is a beautiful balance we find in nature.

Now, let’s take this viewpoint and apply it to humans and to society. 

How do we fare? From where I see- we are in a disarray.You think of things like war (them vs. us), poverty (rich and poor), education (the winners and losers), jobs (employed and unemployed), etc. Isn’t it very obvious that competition is dominant in our society?

Our culture has taught us to compete for everything.

After all, you want to be a winner and not a loser, right? Take school, for example. I can go back as far as primary school like the time I won the first grade spelling bee, the time I memorized a poem and recited it in front of the entire school, or the countless times that I received some kind of academic/citizen recognition. I felt on top of the world! Early on I learned that the more I studied the better I did, and the better I did the greater chance of me being at the top of my class.

Growing up, I felt that I needed to win in order to be someone. Good grades made me feel good, not to mention my parents loved it. I kept it up throughout high school and college, but with this came a lot of stress! You start to wonder about the college student suicide rates and depression associated with this stress.

Education should foster a love and passion for life.  We should be asking what they love instead of drilling them with facts about things that they may not be interested in. Is it no wonder that 7,000 students are dropping out of school every day in the United States?

Competition is an illusion.

The truth is we are hardwired for connection. And what do I mean by hardwired? Since  love is the foundation of who we are, then we are meant to connect to others and to be united. By being disconnected you are actually breaking this unity and creating independence. Thus, competition becomes an illusion as we are naturally dependent on each other- from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. We are one.

Herein lies the beauty of cooperation.

Ubuntu "I am because we are."

In Africa,  an anthropologist went to go study “habits and customs of tribes.” One day he told the children of one tribe that he put candy in basket by a tree, and they are to go get the candy when he says “go.” The first one to reach the basket of candy would win it all. To his surprise, when he said “go” the children joined hands and ran together. When he asked them why they did this, one little girl responded, “How can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?” It was here that the anthropologist really understood the “true essence” of the tribe.  (to read the entire article, click here)

Since we’re hardwire to connect, to be loved, but most importantly to love, then it follows that like nature, we too could live in a state of cooperation. Instead of comepeting with one another, why not help each other out? Like the children of the African tribe, mutual support breeds a harmonious, peaceful, and happier environment and individuals You may say, “Sure, Liz. That sounds great in theory.” It need not be like this. Change begins with each one of us. It was Gandhi who once said, “We need to be the change we want to see in this world.” I honestly believe that a state of cooperation would dismantle much of the suffering going on today in our world as a result of competition.

What are your thoughts on competition and cooperation? 

Lo Falso de la Competencia

Después de haber leído Life’s Operating Manual, empecé a pensar más y más de la competencia y de cooperación. En su libro, Tom Shayac escribe, “Contrariamente a los que muchos piensan, cooperación y no competencia es el orden dominante de la naturaleza.” Él aclara  esto al decir que la naturaleza, como un “árbol de la secoya”, no toma más agua de lo que necesita. Y si algo en la naturaleza toma más, entonces se mata. Toma por ejemplo la planta kudzu que “destruye todo lo que encuentra en su paso.” No obstante, con el tiempo, “la planta desaparece.” ¿Cómo? “Elimina la biodiversidad, una condición esencial para la vida.”  Hay un balance hermoso en la naturaleza.  

Ahora, vamos a tomar esta punto de vista y aplicarlo a los seres humanos y la sociedad.

¿Cómo nos va? Estamos en una situación caótica. Vamos a ponernos a pensar en cosas como una guerra (ellos vs. nosotros), la pobreza (ricos y pobres), educación (los ganadores y los perdedores), trabajo (los empleados y desempleados), etc.  ¿No es muy obvio que la competencia domina nuestra sociedad?

Nuestra cultura nos ha enseñado a competir por todo. 

Al fin y al cabo, ¿quieres ser un ganador y no un perdedor, verdad? Toma la escuela, por ejemplo. Me pongo a pensar cuando estaba en la primaria y la vez que gané la competencia de ortografía, o la vez que me memorizé un poema y lo recité en frente de todo la escuela, o todas las veces que recibí algún reconocimiento por mis calificaciones/comportamiento. ¡Me sentía en la cima del mundo! De niña aprendí que entre más estudiaba, me iba mejor en mis exámenes y al hacer bien  en mis exámenes, sabía que tenía la mayor probabilidad de ser uno de los más inteligentes de mi clase.

Cuando era niña, sentía que necesitaba ganar para ser alguien de importancia. Buenas calificaciones me hacían sentir bien y a mis papas les encantaba.  Durante la preparatoria y la universidad continue haciendo bien, ¡pero a la vez tenía mucho estrés! Nos podemos preguntar ¿por qué hay tantos estudiantes universitarios que contemplan suicidarse o están deprimidos?

La educación debería  fomentar el amor y la pasión por la vida. Deberíamos preguntarnos ¿qué es lo que les encanta hacer? en lugar de repetir hechos de cosas que no nos interesa. ¿No es de extrañar que hay 7,000 estudiantes abandonando sus estudios cada día en los Estados Unidos?

La competencia es una ilusión. 

La verdad es que estamos programados para la conexión. ¿Y qué significa programados? El amor es la fundación de quién somos, entonces estamos destinados para conectarnos con otros y estar unidos.  Al estar desconectados, estamos quebrando nuestra unidad y creando independencia.  Así, la competencia se convierte en una ilusión y dependemos el uno del otro- desde nuestra ropa hasta lo que comemos. Somos uno. 

Ahí radica la belleza de la cooperación. 

Ubuntu "I am because we are."

 En Africa,  un antropologo fue a estudiar las “costumbres y los hábitos de las tribus.”  Un día les dijo a los niños que puso caramelos en una canasta cerca del árbol. Tenían que ir a agarrar los caramelos cuando él les dijera.  El primero que llegara a la canasta se ganaría todos los caramelos. Se sorprendió al ver que cuando empezaron a correr, los niños se dieron la mano y corrieron juntos. Cuándo les preguntó ¿por qué hicieron esto? una niña le contestó, “¿Cómo puede uno de nosotros ser feliz si todos los demás están tristes?” Fue ahí donde el antropologo entendió la “esencia verdadera” de la tribú.  (para leer el artículo, hagan clic aquí)

Ya que estamos programados a estar conectados, de ser amados y, sobretodo, de amar, entonces se deduce que al igual que la naturaleza, también nosotros podríamos vivir en un estado de cooperación. En lugar de competir unos con otros, ¿por qué no ayudar unos a otros? Como los niños de la tribú africana, el apoyo mutuo genera personas y un ambiente tranquilo, armonioso, y lleno de felicidad.  Quizás estás diciendo, “Sí, Liz. Eso suena muy bien en teoría.” No necesita hacer así. El cambio empieza con cada uno de nosotros. Fue Ghandi quien dijo, “Sé el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo.” Creo que un estado de cooperación desmantelaría mucho del sufrimiento que hay en el mundo como resultado de la competencia.

Qué opinas sobre la competencia y la cooperación?

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait – Las Cosas Buenas Llegan Para Quienes Saben Esperar

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

On my last trip to Northern California, I went to a local Starbucks in Chico to write a little and to beat the heat with a refreshing drink. As I walked to get a seat and table, I had a total stranger come up to me and tell me, “Ms., good things come to those who wait.” I didn’t know this man.

Was he an Earth angel?

Well, I wasn’t scared or anything like that. If anything, I was surprised. I thought who is this man and why would he tell me this? As I thought more about it I came up with my own conclusion. Perhaps he’s someone who picked up on my energy and sensed that I have been impatient with some things lately.

During my summer stay here in L.A., I have been fortunate to have spent quality time with my family and to have seen many friends. 

We’ve done some serious catching up! As I talked to one of my friends, Carmen, I told her about this incident. She said, “I think he was an Earth angel.” The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with her. This man didn’t know who I was. I had never seen him in life, so I didn’t know who he was.


* Nothing arrives before or after, everything arrives when it is supposed to be here.

One thing for sure is that I have been a bit impatient lately with some events in my life.

As I talk to everyone here, many of them have been asking, of course, questions like, “So when is the wedding? What about family? Are you pregnant yet?” Tell me about your boyfriend.  And it is understandable. They are interested and what to know what is going on with my life. After all, I haven’t seen some of my friends in a year! At 38 years old, I guess you can say that my biological clock is ticking. It’s true, right ladies?  Yes, I’d love to be a mother. I’d love to remarry too. I’d love to finish my book and to get it published. Like you, I want to do and to have many things too.

But, I have also learned that life works on divine timing. 

Interestingly enough, after this month I feel a greater patience with all this. I’m not sure what has been happening lately, but ever since the encounter, I feel a greater sense of peace and patience.  That’s not to say I have not been patient or peaceful. I just need to be even more patient than I am now. My intentions are being heard by the Universe, and they will be manifested. It’s all coming to me. I can feel this.  For me, everything in this life happens when it is suppose to happen. It’s only a matter of time.  In the meantime, I will stay in the present moment and wait for these good things to come to me.

What good things are coming your way? Have you been patient?

Las Cosas Buenas Llegan Para Los Que Saben Esperar

En mi último viaje al norte de California, fui a un Starbucks en Chico para escribir un poco y combatir el calor con una bebida refrescante. Mientras conseguía una mesa y silla para sentarme, se me acercó un señor y me dijo, “Ms., good things come to those who wait.”  En español sería, “Señorita, todo le llega al que sabe esperar.”  Yo no conocía a este hombre.

¿Era un ángel en la tierra?

No me dio miedo. Pero si me sorprendió. Pensé ¿quíen es este hombre y por qué me dijo esto? Mientras más pensaba en ello llegué a mi propia conclusión. Quizás es alguien que sintió mi energia y así se dió cuenta de que he sido impaciente con algunas cosas últimamente.

Durante mi estancia de verano aquí en Los Ángeles, he tenido la suerte de pasar tiempo con mi familia y haber visto a muchos amigos.

¡Tuvimos la oportunidad de hablar de todo lo que nos había pasado desde la última vez que nos vimos! Mientras hablaba con una de mis amigas, Carmen,  le dije de lo que me había pasado. Me dijo, “Creo que es un ángel de la tierra.” Mientras más pensaba en ello, más estaba de acuerdo con ella.  Este hombre no me conocía. Nunca lo había visto en mi vida, así que no sabía quien era.


Una cosa de lo que estoy segura es que si he sido un poco impaciente con algunas cosas de mi vida.

A medida que hablo con todos aquí, me han estado preguntando ¿Cuándo te casas?  ¿Y familia? ¿Estás embarazada? Dime, ¿cómo es tu novio? Y por supuesto, entiendo que están interesados de  todo lo que me ha estado pasando en vida. ¡Después de todo, no los he visto en un año! A los 38 años de edad,  supongo que puedo decir que mi reloj biológico no se detiene. ¿Verdad, chicas? ¡La verdad es que me encantaría ser madre!  ¡Me encantaría casarme otra vez! ¡Me encantaría terminar my libro y publicarlo!  Así como tú – deseo hacer y tener muchas cosas.

Pero, he aprendido que la vida fluye con el tiempo divino. 

Lo interesante ha sido que después de este mes me he sentido con mucha más paciencia con todo esto. No sé lo que me ha estado pasando últimamente, pero después de mi encuentro con ese señor, me siento más tranquila y paciente.  Ahora, necesito ser aún más paciente. Mis intenciones han sido recibidas por el Universo y serán manifestadas.   Para mí, todo en la vida pasa a su debido tiempo.  Es solo cuestión de tiempo.  Mientras tanto, voy a vivir en el momento presente y esperar a que me lleguen mis cosas buenas.

¿Has sido paciente? ¿Qué son algunas cosas buenas que te han llegado? 


The One Message – El Único Mensaje

The One Message

Last month, I was one of the lucky 100 to listen in on Amy Ahler’s and Dr. Lissa Rankin’s webinar- Visionary Ignition Switch: 10 Red Hot Secrets to Fire Up Your Message, Money,  and Meaning In the World. Let me just say that this webinar was amazing! These two ladies were simply awesome as they shared with is 10 key points on various topics that ranged from monetizing your blog to the reasons why an e-newsletter should be created.

Here are the 10 secrets that they shared in this webinar:

  1. Give away a free e-newsletter and put this somewhere in the top right hand corner of your website.
  2. Don’t just sell books – Start a movement (Be of Service)
  3. Figure out the one message you can spend the rest of your life talking and writing about
  4. You want to be BFFs with your heroes and sheroes – Give first.
  5. Roc the Mic – Clarify what you want to say, overcome stage fright, attract paid speaking gigs
  6. Create a compelling offer and package and book launch to create revenue during your book launch – Write a sales page
  7. Monetize your blog- Turn your wisdom into e-courses
  8. Start selling something from the get go
  9. E- Newsletter – It could be costing you thousands.
  10. Quadruple Tweeter- If you’re not following the follow, then you are not optimizing your Twitter.

The one that stood out for me was “figure out the one message you can spend the rest of your life writing and talking about.”

Lately, I have reflected on my blog and my writing that I do here, and although I feel that it is a bit scattered, the important thing is that I want to serve others by helping through my writing. Whether it has been with monetizing a blog or ways to be happier.  I have felt as though I am here to teach others to live a more peaceful and happier existence. Therefore, 

“My life is my message.” – Mahatma Gandhi

This may sound a bit funny and even trite, but the truth is for the most part, I am a happy person, and I have been for a few years now. Sure, from time to time, I may become frustrated, irritated, even a bit stressed, but I am also human. I see the pain, frustration, stress, and others, and know that each one of us can live a happier and peaceful existence. This is what I feel at the moment, and I’m simply going with the flow.  

I am where I am supposed to be.

In essence, my life is my message. What I write in my blog is a reflection of my life.  In my waking life, I do all I can to create my Heaven on Earth and I believe that we all can do the same. I am here to tell you that it is possible. You can begin by accepting and being grateful for what you have in your life and the people that are in your life is a step towards all this. If you are able to do this, then  you’ll start seeing miracles in your everyday life.

How have you helped others? What is your one message? 

El Único Mensaje

El mes pasado, yo fui uno de los afortunados 100 a escuchar  Amy Ahler’s and Dr. Lissa Rankin’s webinar- Visionary Ignition Switch: 10 Red Hot Secrets to Fire Up Your Message, Money,  and Meaning In the World, o  El Interruptor de Encendido de tu Visión :10 Secretos Asombrosos para Iniciar Tu Mensaje, Dinero, y Significado en el Mundo. ¡Fue un seminario increíble! Estas dos damas hicieron un trabajo espectacular al compartir con nosotros los 10 puntos claves de como monetizar tu blog hasta las razones porqué se tiene que crear un boletín eléctrico.

Aquí están los 10 secretos que compartieron en este webinar:

  1. Regala un boletín eléctrico y ponlo en la parte de arriba a la derecha de tu sitio web.
  2. No solamente vendas libros – Empieza un moviemiento. ( Ayudo a Otros)
  3. Decide que es el único mensaje del cual pudieras hablar y escribir el resto de tu vida
  4. Quieres que tus heroes y heroínas sean tus mejores amigos. Da primero.
  5. Ser un Gran Orador – Aclara lo que quieres decir, supera el miedo escénico y atrae trabajos pagados como orador
  6.  Crear una oferta y paquete atractivo y presentación del libro para crear ingresos durante el lanzamiento de tu libro – Escribe una página de ventas del libro
  7. Monetiza tu blog- Convierte tu sabiduría en un e-course
  8. Empieza a vender desde el principio
  9. Boletín Eléctrico – Te puede estar costando miles
  10. Cuadruplica Tweeter- Si no estás siguiendo a los que te siguen, entonces no estás  optimizando tu Twitter

*Un Mensaje – Una Voz

EL secreto que resaltó más para mi fue el de “Decide que es el único mensaje del cual pudieras hablar y escribir el resto de tu vida.”

Ultimamente, he reflexionado de mi blog y de lo que he escrito hasta ahora, y aunque creo que mis entradas han sido un poco desconectadas en cuanto los temas, lo importante es que quiero ayudar a través de mi escritura- así como lo he hecho con posts como cómo monetizar un blog o maneras de ser más feliz.  Me he sentido como si estoy aquí para enseñar y ayudar a otros vivir una vida más tranquila y más feliz. Por consiguiente,

“Mi vida es mi mensaje.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Quizás esto suene un poco trillado, pero la verdad es que soy una persona muy feliz  y lo he sido estos ultimos años.  Sí, a veces estoy frustrada, me irrito, y hasta tengo un poco de estrés, pero también soy ser humano. Veo el sufrimiento, la frustracíon, el estrés de los demás y sé que  nosotros podemos vivir una vida llena de felicidad y pacífica. Esto es lo que siento en este momento y simplemente voy con la corriente.  

Estoy exactamente donde debo de estar.

En esencia, mi vida es mi mensaje. Lo que escribo en mi blog es una reflexíon de mi vida. En mi propia vida, hago todo lo que pueda hacer para crear mi Cielo en la Tierra y creo que cada uno de nosotros tenemos la capacidad de hacer lo mismo.  Estoy aquí para decirte que es posible.  Agradezcan y acepten todo lo que tienen y a todos los que están en sus vidas. Si puedan hacer esto, empezarán a ver milagros en sus vidas cotidianas. 

¿Cómo has ayudado a otros? ¿Cuál es tu mensaje?

Nature, Life, and Writing – What Do They Have In Common? La Naturaleza, La Vida y La Escritura – ¿Qué Tienen En Común?

One of my favorite things to do is to go out and just be in nature! Luckily for me, Northern California is filled with beautiful parks and vast, open spaces as far as the eye can see. I get to take walks in these verdant parks with creeks running right through the middle!

I first became enthralled with this beauty around me as a student at Long Beach State. I’d eat lunch right outside the library (in the quad area) and I loved just being out there and taking in the trees, plants, and flowers. From time to time, I’d treat myself to a trip to the Japanese Gardens- a simply peaceful experience.

Japanese Gardens  - Long Beach State

The Japanese Gardens at Long Beach State

When I lived in Los Angeles, one of my favorite things to do was to go to a park by my parent’s house and run. After my run, I’d lay down as I cooled off and looked up at the sky and the trees. Time and time again, I was reminded of the amazing patience and intention of nature. A peaceful energy is what I felt in that moment.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I begin begin my bilingual blog and to write more, I am reminded of that same patience. In my Chapter by Chapter Synopsis post , I refer to this patience in Chapter 8: Gratitude and Patience – The High School Year. I briefly discuss patience as a spiritual lesson that I feel I am meant to learn in this lifetime. Countless experiences have lent themselves to the opportunity to be patient: from being patient with my students to being patient with my own healing. In writing and in life, I have learned to be patient with myself.

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself.” ~ St. Francis

If you’re not being patient with yourself and/or your writing, try it. You’ll discover that letting things take their natural course (as nature does) will bring you miracles in your daily life.

What are your experiences with patience? Are you patient when it comes to your own writing? Are you patient with yourself?

La Naturaleza, La Vida y La Escritura – ¿Qué Tienen En Común?

Unas de mis cosas favoritas de hacer es estar afuera en la naturaleza. Afortunadamente, el norte de California está lleno de hermosos parques y espacios abiertos extensos  hasta donde llega la vista. !Tengo la oportunidad de pasear por estos  parques verdes con arroyos corriendo por el centro!

La primera vez que me cautivó esta belleza que me rodeaba fue cuando era estudiante en la Universad Estatal de Long Beach. Me gustaba almorzar afuera de la bibliotica (en la area del campo) y me encantaba ver los árboles, plantas y flores. De vez en cuando, me daba el gusto e iba a los Jardines Japonenses-una experiencia simplemente tranquila.

Japanese Gardens  - Long Beach State

Los Jardines Japoneses en la Universidad Estatal de Long Beach

Cuando vivía en Los Ángeles, me gustaba ir a un parque cerca de la casa de mis padres para correr. Después de correr, me acostaba y miraba el cielo y los árboles. Una y otra vez, me recordaba de la paciencia asombrosa y la intención de la naturaleza. Una energía llena de paz es lo que sentía en ese momento.

“Adopte el ritmo de la naturaleza; su secreto es la paciencia.” ~ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Con este blog bilingüe y con mi escritura, me acuerdo de esa misma paciencia. En una entrada de este blog – (Chapter by Chapter Synopsis) 0  Los Resúmenes de los Capítulos (Capítulo 8 – Agradecimiento y Paciencia – Un Año en la Preparatoria) de mi libro (memoria) hablo acerca de la paciencia como una leccíon espiritual que siento que estoy destinada a aprender en esta vida. Un sin número de experiencias y oportunidades se me han dado para practicar la paciencia: de ser paciente con mis alumnos a ser paciente con mi propia sanación. En la escritura y en mi vida, he aprendido de ser paciente conmigo misma.

“Ten paciencia con todas las cosas, pero sobre todo contigo mismo.” ~San Francisco de Sales

Si no tienes paciencia contigo mismo y/o tu escritura, inténtalo. Te darás cuenta que al dejar que las cosas sigan su curso natural (como lo hace la naturaleza) te traerá milagros en tu vida cotidiana.

¿Qué han sido tus experiencias con la paciencia? ¿Eres paciente con tu escritura? ¿Eres paciente contigo mismo?

Looking Within: A Memoir – Overview

Credit: Oprah.com
Credit: Oprah.com

I am towards the end of finishing up my book proposal and it has been quite the experience! Writing the overview has helped me focus more and get a better feel for what I am trying to convey here. Being that it is a memoir, an outline would not be necessary , but the overview (that I am about to share), I think, served the purpose of the outline  and made my writing easier to work with. 

Here is the overview of my memoir: Looking Within: A Memoir.



The manuscript will be divided into 4 parts.

1. Part I: The Meeting And Marriage. Many women are in enamored with the idea of getting married and living happily ever after. I was one of them. Shortly after meeting my ex-husband, we were married. While I was married, I was second in my life as he was the center of my universe. Needless to say, the honeymoon didn’t last as reality set in and love and nurturance became absent in our marriage. Problems ensued and a separation seemed imminent.

 A chapter will be devoted to this first part.

2. Part II. Emotional Healing. Shortly after the problems began, I withdrew emotionally and sought individual counseling. Slowly, I began to heal emotionally and I eventually I separated from him. All alone, I began to nurture my spirit as best I could. Soul searching and a return to my passions of learning, traveling, running, and writing became part of my recovery. This emotional healing part encompasses four sections that include emotional detachment, the separation, self-nurturance, and more changes that were in store for me.

A chapter will be devoted to each of the sections in part two.

3.  Part III. Spiritual Healing. Spiritual healing eventually replaced my emotional healing. Changes in my beliefs and a series of unexplained events began happening to me such as moments of peace and an increase in intuitive abilities. As I began to awaken spiritually, I began to understand that my problems were mere illusions. In time, I began to practice spiritual principles of compassion, kindness, patience, and gratitude, among others , and I simply became happier.

   A chapter will be devoted to each of the sections listed in part three.

4. Part IV. My Purpose in Life. I started to live in the present moment and the consistent peace that I longed for, as well as happy life, awaited me. After endless questioning, I found both my inner and outer purpose. I began to co-create my life as I intended it to be and found joy and miracles in my everyday life.

 A chapter will be devoted to this section in this part.

I’d love to hear what you think!



Chapter 9 Summary: A Happy Heart of My Own

ImageI am finishing up the chapter summaries for the book proposal. Here is the chapter summary of the chapter that I will be submitting. This chapter in question has to do with that ever fateful question of what is happiness. For some time, I pondered and pondered about what happiness meant to me and I came up with a very simple answer. For me, happiness is your zest for life and I believe that it is attainable by staying in the present moment. Being present has brought me peace, and this peace has in turn given me harmony, and, of course, happiness. In order to be present, I had to do one thing and that was to suppress my ego. In the summary below, I talk a little more about this chapter and what I needed to “let go” in order to be happy. 

Chapter 9:  A Happy Heart of My Own                                                                           “Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.” ~ Democritus

            Being happy most of the time would have been something that I wouldn’t have admitted to in the past. Thankfully for me, I learned to be happy regardless of what was happening in my life. In this chapter, I give my take on happiness, and for the most part, staying in the present moment has brought me peace, and that peace in turn has brought me happiness. Learning to let go of material possessions (as this isn’t true happiness), as well as letting go of fears to follow my heart has also contributed to my happiness. Suppressing my ego was key to go in the direction of true happiness for myself. In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr. Dyer lists the 7 Steps for Overcoming Ego’s Hold of You and they are the following: 1. Stop being offended, 2. Let go of the need to win, 3. Let go of the need to be right, 4. Let go of the need to be superior, 5. Let go of the need to have more, 6. Let go of identifying on the basis of your achievements, and 7. Let go of your reputation. In this chapter, I list each one and I give specific examples as to how this manifested in my own life. Finally, I discuss the dependence society has on antidepressants, including myself, to achieve a state of happiness. The end of this chapter concludes with a quote from Ernst Shurtleff Holmes’ book Creative Mind:

As it’s given me to perceive,

I most certainly believe

When a man’s glad plumb through,

God’s pleased with him same’s you.


What makes you happy? 






On Being Happy…

Ever since I can remember I have always been curious about many things in life and I am constantly questioning everything. This has included happiness.  In this post, I include what I believe happiness to be and what friends and family have told me what happiness means to them. This is an excerpt from one of my chapters from the memoir: A Happy Heart of my Own.

“In general, I knew certain pleasurable experiences not only made me joyful, but others, as well. I asked friends and family what they considered happiness to be and their answers ranged from playing their favorite sport, to helping others, or simply being in nature. Marcos, a friend of mine, began his response with telling me that happiness to him meant ‘not being stressed.’ And I couldn’t agree with him more. Since when does stress and happiness occur simultaneously? It doesn’t.  One of my family members, Karina, answered by saying, ‘For me it’s when I run and feel the presence of the Lord and I have this immense feeling of gratefulness for everything in my life.’ Another family member of mine, Gloria, very humble began with, ‘I can’t explain true happiness” and added, “all I can say is that I know it when I feel it. Family, friends, humanity, humility, gratefulness, waking to another day, thunder, lighting, the sunshine, a smile, a hug, even nothing can make me feel happiness! But, I can truly say that I experienced true happiness when I learned self-love, when I leaned in to clear my mind and let peace take over. So, happiness to me turns out to be LIFE itself.’

This same harmony, joy, and peace are seen in my friend Carlos’ definition on happiness. He says, ‘For me, happiness is akin to knowing that I am alive. There is something so special going on this planet of ours, something that we’ve yet to discover anywhere else in the universe and most of us (again, particularly in industrialized nations) act as if we couldn’t care less. We have to stop every now and then and take a step back in wonder and amazement. Put things in perspective and take life, with all its glitches, and treat it like what it is: the best, most unique gift in the world.’

What a beautiful combination of different interpretations on happiness. As each expressed what happiness meant to them, I understood and felt it as a rejoicing in all that proved to be of profound delight in their hearts. What was salient in their takes on happiness was a feeling, a connection, and an alignment with spirit: a complete and selfless, unconditional love of life and love for oneself.

After my family and friends expressed what happiness meant to them, I was left with an unwavering desire to define happiness for myself. I questioned whether mere instances in our lives would be the only defining moments that made us achieve this state or could we live happily all the time?

Here is my take on happiness:

“In many ways, the result of this search for my own happiness led me to believe that it is as simple and as sweet as one’s own joie de vivre. I can’t recall the exact date when all this started to happen, but I clearly remember a consistency that came with waking up day after day and being content and filled with gratitude for the light of another day. Not to mention, how truly blessed I was for seeing my life as beautiful and, even more, living it as such. The great and late pianist of the twentieth century, Arthur Rubinstein, once said, ‘I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.’ Pure and simple. I can think of no better way of expressing this sentiment of a constant state of happiness other than to see life as beautiful and to love it. For me, this has translated as living life to the fullest with joy and peace in our hearts because this is what we feel and have within us; it’s who we are. And when we radiate this love, it follows that we not only see our environment and others in a different light, but we also take pleasure and delight through the benefit of receiving love in return. And, for the first time, I wasn’t seeing my life through rose-colored glasses. Happiness wasn’t the result of luck as I had once thought, but it was the result of my unyielding pursuit of it. I had come into harmony on my own accord and I was truly happy.”

What makes you happy? What do you define as happiness?