Buddha Quote – Frase de Buda

“Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” ~Buddha

“Conoce bien qué es lo que te lleva hacia adelante y lo que te retiene, y escoge el camino que te conduce a la sabiduría.” ~Buda

credit: www.verybestquotes.com/know-well-what-leads-you-forward-buddha-quotes-about-wisdom/buddha-quotes-know-well-what-leads-you-forward-and-what-holds-you-back-and-choose-the-path-that-leads-to-wisdom/
credit: http://www.verybestquotes.com/know-well-what-leads-you-forward-buddha-quotes-about-wisdom/buddha-quotes-know-well-what-leads-you-forward-and-what-holds-you-back-and-choose-the-path-that-leads-to-wisdom/

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