Business Lesson #1 – Why? – Lección #1 de un negocio – ¿Por Qué?

I’m starting my business because… 🙂
Voy a iniciar mi negocio porque… 🙂

Elizabeth Cárdenas - Writer/Escritora

Business Lesson #1- Why?

I have to admit that I knew very little about starting a business and everything it entails. 

It’s a lot of work and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying the process. Naturally, I started to do my own research to find out about what to do when starting a business. I came upon Marie Forleo, an incredibly witty and inspiring enterpreneur whom I admire.  On MarieTV, she once shared on The Single Most Important Factor Of Your Businesswhere she discussed the most important factor of a business is why you’re starting it.

This got me thinking about why I wanted to start English with Liz. Why am I starting this business?

I thought and thought and came up with many reasons, but none of them resonated with me.  After contemplating this for days, I had it! My why started to…

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