English With Liz is Born – Nace English With Liz

English With Liz will soon be here. I will be reposting posts that I have written on it and I’ll be posting new posts, too.
Inglés Con Liz pronto estará aquí. Voy a rebloguear algunas entradas que he escrito sobre mi negocio y también publicaré nuevas entradas sobre el negocio.

Elizabeth Cárdenas - Writer/Escritora

English With Liz is Born

Last December I got the idea to begin a business.  Like a mental sticky note, it came to me. Then,  immediately after I made my decision to leave teaching, I got another idea that I wanted to help others achieve their dreams. I put these two together, and I knew I had something. My plans had to be put in action.

I’m calling it English With Liz.

 English with Liz is my new business where I’ll be helping others develop and improve their English speaking skills through SkypeBefore going into the details of it, let me backtrack a bit. Some of the best and memorable times I had in teaching were when my students talked in class whether they were learning English or Spanish. I encouraged speaking in my classroom because they were learning from each other, they were retaining the content better through speaking about…

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