Inspirational Quote – Frase Inspiracional

Inspirational Quote – Frase Inspiracional

credit:  "Es la posibilidad de tener un sueño hecho realidad que hace que la vida sea interesante."
“Es la posibilidad de tener un sueño hecho realidad que hace que la vida sea interesante.”

I just read this quote on Santiago The Spheperd’s blog, and it’s perfect. These last few days, I’ve been dreaming more than ever and working towards my dreams, and I have never felt so alive. I’m absolutely in love with life. I have faith that my dreams will come true.

Acabo de leer esta frase en el blog de Santiago The Spheperd’s y se me hizo perfecta. Estos últimos días, he estado soñando más que nunca y he estado trabajando por mis sueños y nunca me he sentido tan viva. ¡Estoy completamente enamorada de la vida! Tengo fe que mis sueños se harán realidad.


Thank you for reading my blog. Gracias por leer mi blog.




8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote – Frase Inspiracional

  1. Hello Liz,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog here 🙂

    I had taken this quote from the famous book, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho”, one of my favourite.

    There are many an interesting quotes in this book and a really inspiring work, hope you would have read it.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hello Sreejith,

      Thank you for putting that quote on your blog. 🙂 When I read it, I knew I had seen it before. Sure enough, when I googled it I saw that it was from the book The Alchemist. I loved that book, and it was one of the first books to inspire me to dream again.



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