Tomorrow Is My Last Day: A Life Experiment -Mañana es mi último día: Un experimento de la vida

Tomorrow is My Last Day: A Life Experiment

I have a day left to live.

No, this isn’t true. I mean, it could be true. One never knows when that day will come.  Last Wednesday, I went to one of my friend Mike’s Ontology classes, and one thing he shared with us is that “Nothing will get you more present than the awareness of death.” As part of our homework, we are to contemplate what we would like to do in a week’s time, which means that tomorrow would be my last full day.


This became a life experiment for me.

While still in class, I began to contemplate the idea of not having much time to live. In a strange way, I got very excited about thinking of all the infinite possibilities that thinking this way could do for me. What ultimately resonated with me were the following points that Mike mentioned in class:

1. Become Present – Experimenting with life this way makes every moment become precious, which could be used to become fully present and awake in this moment.

2. Creates a Sense of Urgency – As Mike talked about our assignment, I immediately began to make mental lists of all the things I wanted to accomplish in this time. Time becomes an invaluable commodity.

3. Use it as a Healing Tool – You learn to accept life as it is rather as you would like to see it. Problems vanish as you give importance to specific events and people in your life.

Since last Wednesday, I am waking up and thanking the Universe for the gift of another day. After this, I ask myself, “If today was the last day in your life, what would you want to do?” My answer is simple: I want to help others as much as I can.  

Have you lived your life as an experiment? Have you thought about living life this way? 

 Mañana es mi último día: Un experimento de la vida

Me queda sólo un día de vida.

No, no es cierto. Bueno, lo puede ser. Uno nunca sabe cuando será su último día. El miércoles pasado, fui a una de clases de ontología de mi amigo Mike. Algo que compartió con nosotros fue que “Nada te  hará más atento al presente que la conciencia de la muerte.” Nuestra tarea es de contemplar lo que quisieramos hacer en esa semana. Mañana sería mi último día. 

credit: "Toda la vida es un experimento.  Cuantos más experimentos hagas, mucho mejor " ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
credit:         “Toda la vida es un experimento. Cuantos más experimentos hagas, mucho mejor.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Esto se convertió en un experimento de vida para mí. 

Mientras estaba en clase, empecé a contemplar la idea de tener poco tiempo para vivir. Por extraño que parezca, me emocioné al pensar que de las infinitas posibilidadesque podría hacer.  Lo que finalmente resonó mas para mí fue lo que nos dijo Mike en la clase:

1. Estar Presente– Experimentando con la vida de esta manera hace que cada momento sea precioso, lo cual se podría usar para estar totalmente presente  y despierto en este momento .

2. Crea una Sensensación de Urgencia – Cuando Mike hablaba de nuestra tarea, inmediatemente comencé a hacer una lista mental de todo lo que quería  lograr en esta vida. El tiempo se convierte en un valor incalculable.

3. Úsalo Como Instrumento de Sanación – Puedes aceptar la vida tal y como es y no como te gustaría verla.  Los problemas se desvanecen  cuando  le das importancia a los acontecimientos y a las personas en tu vida.

Desde el miércoles pasado, me estoy despertando y dándole las gracias al universo por el regalo de un nuevo día. Después de hacer esto me pregunto, “Si hoy fuera tu último día, ¿qué quisieras hacer?”  Mi respuesta es simple: quiero ayudarles a otros lo más que pueda.  

¿Has vivido tu vida como un experimento? ¿Has pensado vivir tu vida de esta manera?  


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is My Last Day: A Life Experiment -Mañana es mi último día: Un experimento de la vida

  1. Hi Elizabeth, lots of great ideas in this blog, teaching has always a high burn out occupation, and it is rewarding to make a change, and make it work. I was a librarian and thinking of moving on, when the municipality decided to retrench a lot of there older staff, so ended up starting my own company, and helping a friend with his book shop, now I run a charity bookshop, and am about to reopen my company. Being a teacher maybe you could run creative writing retreats. I have done this, and it was great fun. Thanks for following, best wishes and blessings Charles.


    1. Thank you, Charles. Yes, teaching is indeed one of those careers where you can get burnt out. It happened to me. I think it’s great that you started your own company! I’m about to do the same thing. I’m also writing a book, and all this is keeping me very busy. For now, I’m taking a break from teaching. Who knows? Maybe I’ll teach again one day. Blessings, Liz.


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